Electronic scale
  Now you can weigh, measure and capture data at the same time
The SC-2500 and SC-5000
The unique feature of the SC-2500 and SC-5000 lies in the fact that they can weigh, measure size and capture data at the same time. 
The scales were designed to answer in the needs of various fields, including:
  • Maturity indexing
  • Quality assurance for retailers
  • Producers who need to do pre-planning 

 The SC-2500 and SC5000 electronic fruit mass scales are custom-made to handle a wide variety of fruit.
  • They can be linked to any computer with Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000.
  • User-friendly, specially designed software is supplied with the system to record and display the data. 
  • The data can be:
    • saved to file 
    • updated to database 
  • The software program is able to compile the results of all (or selected) previous data - weight or size. 
  • With the EFM connected, the scale can measure the weight and size (diameter) of the fruit. This feature is optional according to need.
  • The measurement results are displayed on a LCD screen. 
Scale & EFM 

The scale connects to a computer to download the mass and size measurements.

  To run the software . . .
you need a computer with at least:
    • Windows 95/98 or Windows NT4.0 / Windows 2000.
    • Serial Port.
    • SVGA display.
    • 8MB System RAM or more.
    • CPU 486DX or higher.

Example of software program:

  Operating range   0 gram ~ 2 500 gram    0 gram ~ 5 000 gram 
  Accuracy    ± 0.2 gram    ± 0.5 gram 
  Maximum fruit size    120 mm    120 mm 
  Mass    3 kg (approx.)    3.5 kg (approx.) 
  EFM port (size measure)    YES    YES 
  Supply voltage    110 VAC or 230 VAC   110 VAC or  230 VAC


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